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I wholeheartedly believe everyone deserves great design. And I’m committed to making that happen by providing this VIP group to a whole new audience who has dreamt of working with a designer but never thought it could happen.

My motto is LOVE YOUR HOUSE FOR LESS, which means I bring you high-end, magazine-worthy design for about half the cost.


this group is for

  • Those who don’t want or need our 1:1 services but still need design help.

  • DIY’ers. If you’re like me and want to do a lot yourself but could use an experienced person to give you a nudge of confidence here and there, or to vet your ideas to, then this is the perfect group.

  • Those who can’t afford our 1:1 services

  • Flippers. Let’s make sure you don’t make costly design mistakes, shall we?

  • New home buyers - let us help you furnish or remodel your new home from the start.


How does it work

  • Once a week you post your design needs/questions and I jump on a video and answer them giving you tons of great design advice and guidance! The video will be saved for you to watch whenever you want. We handle it all in our private FB group. Simple as that.

  • I’m a hybrid designer /carpenter so you can ask anything from “Help me spiff up my living room” to “Is this kitchen salvageable? I have $5k to remodel it, what should I do?”

  • Did we mention the discounts?! You’ll get access to discounts from companies we work with ALL THE TIME. If you use these discounts I could actually be paying YOU to be in this group. No, for real. They’re that good. We’re talking everything from couches to tile to appliances, good.

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Hello! I’m Kassina, and as mentioned above, I’m a hybrid designer/carpenter. I grew up in a big extended family that was busy building and/or renovating houses. There’s even video of my cousin and me on the second story of the cabin our parents built hammering in nails when we were 9! In addition to client work, I’ve renovated 4 of my own houses including an over $200k renovation on our now forever home. I put an entire second story on one of my houses. My current house, well, we rebuilt 3/4 of it including new stories, roofs, exterior walls, you name it. I did all the design and architectural work as well as know how to do pretty much everything myself when it comes to construction. Frame a wall? Yup. Tile work? Yup. Electrical? Yes’em.

I’ve been unhappy with my living room for years. I’ve tried everything. Kassina saw my space and within seconds told me what to fix just by using what I already owned. I don’t know how she is so quick, but all I can say is I wish I would have found her sooner!
— Belen

Let’s see, what else?

See that kitchen up there? I made those countertops for less than $11/sq ft when I was 8 months pregnant. You realize the cheapest, ugliest granite out there is about $55/sq ft right? So you do the math. Mine are far cooler, and 80% less. When I say my motto is LOVE YOUR HOUSE FOR LESS, I mean it.

I’ve been featured in Domino Magazine, and am designing this year’s Home and Garden main stage and am speaking there as well. I have 3 more articles coming out before the end of the year where they’re featuring my design work, too.

reclaimed wood floors white shiplap
white farmhouse bunk beds kids room

Feel like you’re in good hands yet?

Let’s do some quick math here. My 1:1 services start at $1500 a room. Kitchens range between $4-8k once all said and done. In the VIP group, you can talk to me for an entire year and only spend $385. AND, you can get tons of discounts, that can easily MORE than pay for your membership fees. At this point I have to ask you…what are you waiting for? And I mean that in the nicest way. You need help, right?

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Bottom line is, I’d love help YOU, LOVE YOUR HOUSE FOR LESS! And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll see you on the inside, ok?

I worked with Kassina for a project I wanted completed in my finished basement. I was hoping to have an enclosed play area with a loft reading nook above. Kassina’s immediate advice and vision was amazing! Without hesitating, she suggested a different wall, which is a much more efficient use of space, and also took into consideration the natural light. It was an option that I would have never considered, and it’s brilliant. I always think I can envision what I want, but having her guidance made me clearly see how to execute it.

— Lori : homeowner

More work? OK

modern eclectic navy gold bathroom
navy and marble kitchen
mint green bathroom vanity cement tile
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I’d truly love to have you!

Reach out with questions.

xo, Kassina

I’m renovating my first house and have heard horror stories of people making mistakes. I am so happy to have met Kassina as now I have the confidence knowing what I’m doing is right and will be both beautiful and smart financially come time to sell.
— Sara