BE STRONG Brass Bracelet

BE STRONG Brass Bracelet


Whether you buy one for yourself or a friend in need (or both!), BE STRONG is a reminder that you’re amazing and can get through whatever curveball life is throwing your way.

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The BE STRONG cuff bracelet was inspired by my story and BE STRONG has been my mantra for years. It’s helped me tremendously and it’s my mission to help as many people as I can to recognize their strength and push through the tough spots. Women are AMAZING and STRONG.

$25 for 25%.

With each purchase, 25% of the proceeds go to Children’s Hospitals of MN, who saved my daughter’s life and who save and better the lives of thousands of children each year.


Product Details

Hand-stamped in California and shipped from MN with hugs and lots of encouragement.

Made of Nu-Gold, often referred to as Jeweler’s Brass. You get the amazing look of brass but it patinas a lot less. Winning! 85% copper, 15% zinc. The photo shows the bracelet's patina after a week of wearing it each day.  Note that it will patina (that's part of it's awesomeness) and may turn some folk's skin a bit green. It is shipped with a white polishing pad to help keep it at just the right patina for your liking. 

They look amazing stacked with other bangles. It's 6" long and is adjustable to the size of your wrist.