olliePop Design is based in St Paul, MN and serves clients nationwide. We would love a chance to hear about your project and help you create a space you truly love, that defines you and surpasses anything you could have imagined.



olliePop Design is a full service Interior Design + Remodel company working both globally + locally in the Twin Cities. Read below, then let us know how we can help.


Traditional Interior Design + Remodel projects.

The name says it all here. You’re local or afar. You want to make your space beautiful and need help with it all.

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Our Philosophy: Every renovation project should start with the home's architecture and it's too often the piece that’s tossed to the side in a world full of folks trying to do stuff faster and cheaper. It's important to focus on the whole home - how it fits in its setting, its history, how it utilizes natural light and smart material choices,  how it considers who will live there and the furnishings that will go inside. If any one piece is left out it'll show in the end, whether you have a master suite with no logical place to put your bed, a dark living room or an improperly lit bathroom. Anyone can remodel a kitchen or add an addition, but only experts can push the boundaries and make your home an art-piece.

Remodel: Want to remodel but don't know who to call? We've got you covered from simple faucet and lighting swaps to new foundations. And best of all, we can manage it for you so you don't have to worry about calling in a different specialist for each part of the project. Or if you want to save money, we’ll let you manage the project yourself. We've worked with most of our contractors for years, which means we're used to what makes each of us tick. Home building/remodel projects are often very stressful for people, especially if it's their first time. The history our team has together makes for a fun job site, and reduces stress on our clients. 

My favorite projects are the historic city homes. Modernizing them for today’s lifestyle yet staying true to the home’s history is such a fun puzzle.
— Kassina
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We’ll help you push the boundaries
— Dave : carpenter