project : be strong

project : be strong is a series of collaborations between women small-business owners to help propel our businesses to the next level. We share our knowledge and resources to create great content all while having side chats where we learn invaluable tips and tricks from experts.


You know what's interesting about finally telling your story? You find yourself surrounded by others saying "me too." The more women small-business owners I talk to, the more I realize we all have a pretty powerful reason behind WHY we do what we do. No one ever says "oh, it just pays the bills." Whether we went through something traumatic forcing a career change (eh hem. me! over here! raises hand), or stepped away from the demanding corporate thing because we needed to be more flexible for our family, or we just couldn't stand what we did anymore we felt lifeless. We all start from a similar place of necessity and are often running so fast to make ends meet that we have a hard time stepping back to truly reflect on our brand, it's mission, the way we present ourselves, and the content we create. 

So herein lies why I created project : be strong. Us women need to come together and share our skills and resources so that we can get more done, faster, and for less. To better our brands, see our engagement rise, and start making money. To be able to hit pause on the daily hustle to learn from each other so that we can do what we do.... better.

Photo Credit: Belu Photography

Photo Credit: Belu Photography

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What: The furniture gals brought some of their pieces to my house and we had a fun day staging various pictures of their pieces as well as some other rooms in my house. 

What we each got out of it: The furniture gals got professional photos of their pieces in a cool setting. The photographers got a chance to broaden their portfolios and shoot at a unique location for free. I got professional photos of my space as well as a chance to see other people's work fill my rooms. 

What we all got out of it: Great side conversations with lots of learning (man oh man did my photography game jump up a few notches!). We'll all share the content on our sites and social media accounts, which will help our businesses grow. A great networking opportunity with gals in a similar industry who now know each other and can spread the word to friends and family. 


Want in? 

i'll put together collaborations every 4-6 weeks or so, each with 3-4 gals who make sense together. its important that each person benefits from the collaboration and boosts their business. the next collaboration may make sense, or it may be a few down the road. i want to make sure everyone's time is valued and that we all see dollar signs at the end! i will save all inquiries.

thanks so so much for your interest. I am truly moved by the support my little idea has already received, 


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At this time, the primary focus of project : be strong is to help people grow on Instagram, so this is a must strategy for all applicants.
Include major things and secondary things. For me, for ex, My major things are that I'm a designer, I have a great house we can use for shoots and an inventory of staging items from which to pull. Secondary is that I have 15+ years experience in advertising for Fortune 100 companies so will share tons of info with everyone during our time together from high level business strategies down to the nitty gritty know-how on how to grow your Instagram account.