BE STRONG Brass Bracelet

Whether you buy one for yourself or a friend in need (or both!), BE STRONG is a reminder that you’re amazing and can get through whatever curveball life is throwing your way.

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IF you know my story, you know…

…it was my daughter's terrible birth that propelled me to start olliePop Design, named after her (Her name is Ollie. Cute, right?)

My motto has always been BE STRONG. Whether I was interviewing for a job or playing in the championship hockey game, over and over again I'd say, "BE STRONG, BE STRONG." But it wasn't until Ollie's birth that I realized the magnitude and power this mantra carried. Once I started telling my story, all these women raised their hand saying ME TOO, ME TOO! Little did I know I wasn’t alone. And sadly, most women say “I didn’t have a choice.” Women are amazing, and constantly putting their lives to the side for their loved ones. My mission for BE STRONG GIRLFRIEND is to put a mega spotlight on women, to celebrate our strengths, and to raise each other up. To let each other know that we’re not alone, and goshdarnit, to change the world! All with a bit of sass and a “holy shtt, you went through WHAT?”

It’s time to join the cool girls club, and BE STRONG, GIRLFRIEND.

And it only gets better.

25% of the profits go to Children's Hospitals of MN.