Kitchen Bathroom Help

We believe everyone can afford good design and that remodels don’t have to suck. If you’re thinking of a kitchen or bathroom remodel and want to rock it like no other, then we’ve got something for you!

Kitchen remodel got you scared?

Don't worry. Remodeling doesn't have to suck and your designs don't have to be boring when you aren't growing money on trees. We promise. We've got your back. 


We believe everyone deserves amazing design, so we packaged up all of our expertise and want to share it with you!


The kitchen is usually the most expensive room in a home to renovate, and people live too long with an outdated kitchen because they're scared of the renovation costs. Yet the kitchen is the room that needs to function hardest for you, so it should be the last one stuck in the 90s (or hopefully not even older? Yikes.) Well, that's where I can help! 

If you can't afford to hire us 1:1 (or heck, just don't want to) then this is for you. I've packaged up everything I know and do for my clients and am ready to teach you finally tackle that kitchen remodel without breaking the bank. 


We'll cover everything we do with our clients from start to finish!


Topics include: 

  • how to manage the project
  • hiring the right folks
  • thinking of code requirements
  • materials
  • optimal layouts
  • putting the design together
  • and best of all, where to focus your money to make your budget stretch while ensuring your design is magazine-worthy (you know, our love your house for less tricks). 

This is for you if you,

  • Need some help making the design magazine-worthy but don't want to spend a ton of cash.
  • Think "remodeling always sucks, and I just can't deal with another project sucking." 
  • Have gone through a remodel before and don't want it to suck (a-hem, bullet #2)
  • Can't afford to work with us 1:1 or heck, just don't want to!
  • Want to refresh your space or totally gut it. We'll cover both ends of the spectrum! 

If you have a remodel (whether it be a quick refresh a total gut job or anything in between) we'd love to help you. We're ready to start pre-selling our course and for those that purchase now, you can save...BIG...TIME. 

Once the course goes live it'll be $997. But for a limited time pre-sale you can get it for $497, PLUS 3 FREE bonuses


  • Bonus 1: How I did my $50,000+ kitchen for $20,000. ($1200 value, FREE)


  • Bonus 2: If I only had $2000, what would I do to design/remodel a kitchen (this is for you super tight budget folks!) ($800 value, FREE)


  • Bonus 3: ($500+ value, FREE!) This one is kind of nuts. Designers get trade discounts, which means A % off MOST storeS/vendorS out there. So for the pre-sale folks who buy now, I will let you use my trade discount for 1 purchase. And honestly, I don't even care if it's for your kitchen. eyeing up that West Elm couch or tufted bed at Wayfair. Have at it. This discount alone could save you MORE money than the cost of my course. (I told you I was nuts! But it's something I want to try out because my goal truly is to help you love your house for less, and if I extend my trade discounts to my 1:1 clients then I have to find a way to do it for you, too, right?Don't worry, we won't spam you or sell your info to anyone! 

I truly hope you love this course as I had so much fun putting it together for you. And make sure you share your final kitchen reveal with me over on Instagram using the hashtag #loveyourkitchenforless. Cheers, Kassina