Know you need a designer but not sure how it all works? No problem. Below you’ll find olliePop Design’s unique 3-phased approach to running a design project. We can’t wait to work with you and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our process.


Phase 1 : Brainstorm + Meet-n-Greet: $200

These sessions are fun and you'll get a lot of good feedback and takeaways from our first meeting. At this session we see your space, learn about the project, your design preferences, budget, etc. We have fun and do a bit of brainstorming. Our clients tell us that this meeting is hugely beneficial to them as it helps to bounce their ideas off a professional and get instant design feedback and direction. We get a chance to meet each other and decide if it seems like a good fit. And if it is, we have enough information now to determine our fee for Phase 2.

Phase 2: Design Plan: $1500* + per room

Phase 2 is all about the design plan, the big creative solution where we come up with the overall look and feel of the space, the layout and our suggested materials. We deliver a plan that you will refer to throughout your remodel, and it's our proven method to ensure the overall design aesthetic is achieved once your space is complete. We have 2 unique ways to visualize this for you (listed below).

The design plan is a combination of suggested materials and specific materials (for ex, we might suggest 3-4 tiles with the intention that you pick one of them, but we'll say 'modern nickel hardware' and show a picture of a faucet and pull example.) We don't suggest all final materials because it'd be a waste of our time and your money. Virtually NO ONE wants to give someone else full control over their house, and it'd be impossible to nail down every single material in one shot. So we keep this initial design fee more affordable and deliver a combination of suggested and specific materials then use Phase 3 to nail down the remaining selections. Similarly, if blueprints or renderings are in scope for Phase 2 they are considered drafts and are finalized in Phase 3 once we bring in contractors and sub-contractors as well as finalize all material choices.

*Costs below are for the design plan.

  • Simple and/or small rooms start at $1500.

  • Kitchens and baths start at $4500.

  • More complex rooms such as a large attic/basement, or multi-rooms due to open floor plans range from $3500-$7500+.


Visual 1: Moodboard

Moodboards illustrate the overall aesthetic, from colors to textures, to which materials we’re suggesting.

Cassi_Kid Bath Moodboard.jpg
olliePop_Office Moodboard.jpg

Visual 2: Sketches, Renderings + Blueprints

Sketches, renderings and blueprints convey how spaces take shape and are great partners to moodboards. Every project and client is different and we determine what visuals are needed during our Phase 1 meeting. For ex, some clients need renderings so they can see a more realistic visual of the end result. Renderings are great for unique design ideas, kitchens and larger remodels so that everyone can visualize the plan. Blueprints are needed for complex projects so that not only the homeowner can approve the plan, but so contractors, subs and city officials can reference them throughout the project. And lastly, sketches are great for furniture layouts, and for illustrating details in a small space such as a focal wall in a bathroom where you have lots of layers and materials coming together and need it to be perfect. As mentioned above, all blueprints and renderings are drafts in Phase 2 and we use Phase 3 to finalize them.

Berglin Kitchen.png
Cassi Fireplace Room Layout.jpg
Claire vanity wall.jpg


Phase 3: Material Selection + Construction : $200/hr + $95/hr

Once we've settled on an overall design plan, we move into the final material selection and construction/installation of your space, and start billing hourly. The first part of this phase involves getting the final project estimated. We, along with the contractor manage your project. We manage the design and design-related materials (tile, vanities, countertops, flooring). The contractor manages the construction and construction-related materials (2x4s, screws, etc). Some examples of our touch points during the construction phase include:

  • Creation of the final estimate. To do this we will brief the contractor and subs (carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc) on the design plan so that they can generate their estimates. This includes everything from the overall layout to exact location of outlets, can lights, faucets, etc. We also prepare our estimate for all of the design-related materials.

  • Tweaks to the designs as curveballs are sent our way after demo

  • Meet with vendors (cabinet, countertop, railing, etc) and doing any sketches or imagery they need as we nail down the final details.

  • Purchase design-related materials, invoicing. Delivery of materials.

  • Site visits to ensure the plan is coming together as designed.

  • Choose final materials. As mentioned above, people are all over the board as to how they like to pick out their final materials. Some want us to do it all, others want to do it all, but most are somewhere in between. And sometimes materials need to change if we uncover something during demo.

  • Project management and client communication

Because every project and person is unique, it's impossible to put together a blanket cost for this phase that'll work for everyone. So instead we create a bucket of hours from which to pull, and do our best to estimate up front how many we think it'll take based on each client’s personality type. This way you have a pretty good idea of what the total may be, but can use more or less if needed. Much of the design hours are executed by our design assistant / project manager, who bills at $95/hr. A general rule of thumb is that this phase is about 10-20% of the overall budget.



Homeowners, buyers, sellers and renters all have unique needs. Contact us with a bit about your project. We look forward to hearing from you.