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Who is olliepop design...

We are a design and remodel company with a heavy focus on design. We have our own strong sense of style and like to try new things. We are 'trendy' but don't follow the latest trends (if that makes sense), in fact, we encourage people to run from them and focus instead on what they love. Even if we flip houses, it’s never something cookie cutter, which I think will be pretty obvious when you see our designs. My name is Kassina Folstad, and I'm the owner/designer/quasi GC. I have a really bold and layered aesthetic and people hire me for that. My personality fits my design aesthetic, I think. I’m fun, outgoing, sarcastic. I don’t take life too seriously. 

My family has built and/or renovated houses my entire life. 2 uncles, their sons, my parents. I grew up around building, learned how to do everything and know how to do a ton myself. One of my main carpenters is my cousin. I always focus on design as it’s my true passion. One of my college degrees is in advertising design then I went back to school for architecture.

If there's one sentence about us it'd be that we're design-focused with a bold aesthetic, very entrepreneurial, and absurdly passionate.

Here's what we're not: Generic flippers. DIY'ers who copy what designers are doing. If I see one more plumbing pipe shelf I'll scream. I beg everyone to step away from subway tile. 

Ollie’s Story

When my daughter almost died during child birth my world was rocked. When she got out of the hospital she was to be severely handicapped. I knew I couldn’t go back to my career as she had 4-5 doctor’s appointments a week with no end in sight. At just 8 weeks postpartum I started a company named after her, and by 9 weeks I was doing my first client design + remodel project. I always intended to do real estate investing as my main source of income but never intended to design for other people. I realize now that someone up top had a bigger plan for me and all of this was meant to be. Although, let’s be honest, a slightly easier path would have been welcomed ;-)


Today - most days you'll find me in black jeans and a t-shirt. Half the time in a baseball cap, hair in a pony. Definitely makeup, but minimal. I played college hockey and still play with my husband and friends. I also love to run. Hate the gym. I'm definitely feminine but the last thing from high maintenance. I have a very obvious personal style (most of my house, outfits and even my car are black and caramel). I always find a more frugal way to do something so that I can maintain high design but on a budget. I apply this frugality to everything in life, including houses. I am an artist through and through. I make a lot of stuff in my home and do pottery, painting, sewing, you name it. I’m really good at finishes so love to do cement/plaster work, refinishing furniture, making light fixtures, etc.


SOME OF Our TeaM / Family

From left to right, TOP TO BOTTOM: 

Dave - My cousin (on my mom's side) and one of my main carpenters. Knows everything. Dirty sense of humor. 

Holly - My cousin (on my dad's side) and Interior Designer. She's my best friend. 

Noel - Husband. Knows how to do everything. He did all the electrical, insulating, painting, hanging 1x8 boards on walls, etc. in our latest renovation. Just built our Tiny Man Building as his banjo/vintage motorcycle shop that will double as a stage for a backyard concert series. Builds banjos and restores vintage motorcycles. Cute. Lot's of tattoos. Amazing hair and beard. Very sweet. Capital City Banjos.

Nick - Not pictured. Holly’s brother. Owns a flooring company. Super outgoing. Flips houses.

Ollie - cute, so why not put her in. ;-)

We work with 3-4 of the same contractors/companies on all of our projects. In short, people hire us for design and then we figure out which of our contractor companies is a right fit for that project.

Let's get to the work already....

The work below is going to be a combo of finished and in-progress projects to show a bit more of the fun side of what we do. 


PROJECT: St Paul Attic Master Suite and Kitchen - #berglinreno

Before photos, design plans and progress shots.

This was a completely unfinished space that we turned into a master suite. They had just enough money for a major remodel, but not enough to spend money on everything. For ex, keeping the original subfloor as the main floor in the living area and repurposing a few of them as the vanity drawer fronts in the bathroom. The railing is just your standard building materials all done for less than $300. Amazing custom look but for less. The sliding closet doors are old Chinese restaurant swing doors that we did a mega-upcycle project on to make them taller and then painted navy.


After photos

bed view cropped.jpg


Before, during, Design plans

This is a GREAT example of what we can do o a SUPER tight budget. I think we did this kitchen for only $25k including all new floors and electrical, removing soffits and opening up a wall. We couldn’t afford to do everything we wanted so had to get creative with the design. So that’s why I did just a small slab of marble behind the stove but only a white trim board everywhere else (for the backsplash). And then did butcher block on the navy cabinet area to be both functional for chopping but also save money. Big box store white cabinets most everywhere then focused your eye on one semi-custom navy cabinet area so that we could get an overall custom kitchen look but for a fraction of the cost.


OlliePop_StPaulw-27.jpg .jpg
Copy of OlliePop_StPaulw-20.jpg

Kid Bath

I actually don’t really love this bathroom. Was very “trendy” so I am including it to show what we can do if we have to but would rather have pushed this further! ;-) ;-)

Before and during photos:


After :



We tore off the roof and 3.5 of the 4 walls so that we could frame in a deck that wrapped around 2 of the walls, flip the staircase around and do a vaulted ceiling. We used a mix of hardwoods that we had milled into flooring. Lightly sanded them then sealed with a vegetable oil blend. Hung an 8' tall factory door and put faux reclaimed beams above the windows as headers. The walls and ceiling are all 1x8 pine boards painted white. I made our 20’ long desk out of 2x12’s that I faux finished to look antique.



Master Suite

Make sure to click into these blog posts because the transformation is awesome. We flipped the layout of the house so took a front entry, living room and hallway bath and turned them into a master suite. The blog posts have outdated after pics so use the after pics here.

Master bath:

Master bedroom:



Living Room + Dining Room + Kitchen

The living room is below the office in Project 4. Like the office, we framed in a deck that wrapped around 2 of the sides of the house (refer to before pics above in project 4). In the main living area of the house we removed 7 walls so that we could have an open concept between the entry, kitchen, dining and living room. We added a wood-burning stove, a cement accent wall/floor area, the same white 1x8 pine walls and faux reclaimed wood headers above the windows. As with project 6, just use these blog posts for the before pics. Use the after pics on this page.

Living Room:

Dining Room:

We redid the roof so we could do a ridge beam vault and then took down 2 walls by putting in 3 big beams, one of which was a 14" steal guy that took 15+ friends and a couple lifts to get it inside and hoisted into place. I did all of the design/architecture work to get this space all open.


Upstairs Kids Rooms + Laundry + 1/2 Bath

We completely gutted this level down to the studs and ripped up the sub-floor to reinforce all joists. We brought plumbing up there to add a half bath and laundry, then created 2 kid bedrooms.

KiD Room

We built the bunk beds, added a closet and new window. New flooring, lights, paint etc.

KF_ollies bedroom2.jpg
KF_ollie room from door.jpg

In-progress (nearly done) projects

Tiny Man Building

We have a huge 100k plus exterior project planned for our house including a covered porch that is very Scandinavian so we can use it 3/4th of the year (will have heater and fireplace). And then a covered car port and another exterior fireplace. And then in the backyard lots of landscaping around the tiny man building, a fire pit and under the deck an outdoor kitchen.

Period Correct Craftsman

Custom-making a floor tile that is from a hand-made period-correct company (aka matte stone mosaic).



We opened up the wall and did custom cabinetry that was modern, but then kept the sink piece more furniture-like to match the home’s historic woodwork.

WORK TO DO: cool new larger format clear glass tile from Fireclay on the stove and window wall. Metal rack in front of the window. 2 sconces over the sink.

Before PICS




Modern Eclectic Kitchen.

The main focus of this kitchen is the hand-maid tile on the stove wall and added pantry. We opened up a wall to create a 3-person peninsula. This kitchen is fairly small but we squeezed in a pantry for mega-storage as she’s a big chef and baker. She had this cool combination of modern and eclectic aesthetics so we had fun merging the two.

Before pics and design plan:

Kick ass Craftsman bathroom.

We kept it 100% period correct except did a more bold pattern on the floor tile, complete with a curbless shower. It’s done, just need professional pics taken. A mirror goes above the small makeup stand (between the lights). And a vintage pedestal sink is in front of the small bumpout (above that wall is painted dark, too).

Before Pictures

Nearly Finished Pictures