Design Therapy

Design Therapy Sessions

Our design therapy sessions are a great way for folks around the world to work with us and/or for locals who still want the expertise from a designer but don’t need us for full design plans. Watch the video where we talk about the process, then be sure and book a call. We can’t wait to help you.

What will we do? Let’s jump on a video chat where you can show me your house and talk through your issues. I’ll give you immediate, actionable design + remodel solutions that will fit in your budget. It’ll be just like having me in your home, but for a fraction of the cost as we’ll be on video! Make sure to take lots of notes because we’re about to up-level that home of yours. Trust me when I tell you, you’ll get LOTS of notes.


My Work

modern rustic bathroom
modern attic remodel
With a simple walk through, Kassina has the ability to not only assess but to advise based on what I wanted the outcome to be. It’s not all about saving money, or all about style choices and design... she has the knowledge base and background to help me figure out how to balance both to create exactly what I want. I wanted to move the entrance to a commercial building, and she suggested that it was in a great spot where it was, and to shift my design and reno in another way. She understood how my building could serve my future clients the best way, without compromising the integrity of the building’s history. In the end, it was so much easier to keep it; obviously better for the budget too. It’s refreshing to work with someone who has the technical/structural/construction knowledge, but who also understands the practical part, AND the aesthetics.
— Tobi : daycare owner
navy kitchen cabinets
modern attic bathroom reclaimed wood blue tile
I worked with Kassina for a project I wanted completed in my finished basement. I was hoping to have an enclosed play area with a loft reading nook above. Kassina’s immediate advice and vision was amazing! Without hesitating, she suggested a different wall, which is a much more efficient use of space, and also took into consideration the natural light. It was an option that I would have never considered, and it’s brilliant. I always think I can envision what I want, but having her guidance made me clearly see how to execute it.

— Lori : homeowner
bathroom vanity at an angle.jpg
modern rustic kitchen
modern scandinavian living room wall of windows.jpg
scandinavian modern office full barn door
modern scandinavian kids bedroom.jpg
scandinavian modern living room TV wall.jpg