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living spaces : #2ndstflip

Our favorite type of flip houses only need cosmetic updates and come with the expensive yet not-so-fun stuff complete (mechanical, electrical, windows, etc). That was exactly this house. Being located in a hip and creative neighborhood where the selling prices of homes are perfect for young families and first-time buyers, we went bold with our design choices to create vibrant, playful spaces. We had a blast revitalizing the living spaces in this house and giving it that wow-factor that draws in buyers. 

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kitchen : #2ndstflip

The kitchen in this flip house was extremely outdated and in need of some major renovations. It was an easy decision to completely gut it and start with a clean slate. We took this kitchen from a dated disaster to a fun and functional space. Like the bathroom in this flip house, we went bold with our design choices while sticking to our budget. 

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b4 + after : tudor turns scandinavian modern

Scandinavian Modern is our favorite aesthetic. And when we get a chance to completely transform a home into this style, we get very, very excited. Here is the home before we got started as well as some progress shots. Make sure to read the other post with the design plans, and then check back for some after shots in the coming months!

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