Modern Glam Bathroom : Design Plan - Phase 1

A black, white and gold, classic and bold bathroom.

This is bathroom 2 of 2 for our 4-Story Loft client. So let’s talk all things before and design, shall we? But first, for those who are new to this client, make sure to check out the other posts to see the Colorful Glam Bath and the unique Treehouse space we designed for her already. Such a mix of fun geometric shapes and classy muted colors we got to play with throughout her entire home!

Modern Glam Bath.jpg

We’re showing our client materials that scream glamour- marble tile, dark contrasting paint, art deco patterns, and shiny gold accents to tie it all together. It’s classy and sophisticated yet fun and unique- much like the other spaces we designed for her 4-Story Loft.

Let’s dig in to the details

Peak at the before pics below to help orient yourself in the space. Just like her other bathroom, its long and narrow with dropped ceilings (that we’ll raise up to about 9’ 3”!).

Tile - We’re proposing this incredibly cool floor tile outside the tub area. Its pattern is made up of black marble, white marble, and pieces of real brass. The tub will be white and super squared off so that it sticks with the modern vibe. This is important, folks. You can’t just swap in a cheaper tub without the sleek lines otherwise the design will start to fall flat. Then inside the shower we will do large format 30” square porcelain tiles that have gorgeous marble-like veining. We want as minimal grout lines as possible so since the tub is 30” wide, these tiles will allow us to only use 1 tile width on both ends giving her a more modern look. 

Vanity - We’re custom-making a glossy black enameled vanity. Her space only allows for us to go up to 35”, and most stock vanities are 32” or 36”, so custom we must do so that we can maximize storage. We’ll share a drawing in an upcoming post.  In glam bathrooms you don’t really have one main focal point, it’s all about layering on lots of glam elements one after the next. So while the tile will be a show-stopper, so too shall this vanity. We’ll have it up on furniture legs to show off the floor tile and will make the front textured to show off the glossy black enamel paint.

Fixtures - Shiny brass fixtures with black accents will help carry the brass from the floor tile around the room. And then we’ll do a black framed long/narrow mirror with one sconce hanging down in front of it. We’re proposing a tall mirror to help accentuate the high ceilings. The shower glass will have black grids on it to carry black into the shower area. And then we will mount a shiny brass shower shelf on the back wall for another added layer of glam. 

Walls and ceiling - Layers layers layers. Glam is all about layers. To continue amping up the glam we’ll do white wainscoting on the bottom third or so of the walls. Above the wainscotting AND on the ceiling we’ll paint it glossy black. We’ll add can lighting to the ceiling so that there’s plenty of light in the space to show off all the details. And that’s it for materials! We’ll do another post with all the links once we have everything picked out. 


As you can see, her current bathroom is anything but glamorous. It’s outdated, tired, and let’s face it…..boring. The polar opposite of our fun design-loving client! We can’t wait for you to see the drastic transformation!

Before orange bathroom remodel

In the carousel below you’ll see before photos of her entire historic 4-story loft in the heart of downtown St. Paul.

We start demo this week so be sure to check in along the way.  We will do lots of progress posts full of pictures and videos walking you through final material choices and give you full behind-the-scenes access to how a bathroom project unfolds from the good to the bad! And if you don’t already, follow us on Instagram where we share project updates! 

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