Inspiration : Kitchen Appliances

olliePop Design // Inspiration : Kitchen Appliances

Who said kitchen appliances had to be boring? Definitely not us! Check out some of these kitchens where the appliances steal the show. If you like what you see but think, "Hey, those look out of my budget," think again. 

Here is one of our favorite #loveyourhouseforless tips:
Splurge on two or three areas of your space to create some awesome focal points and then use cost-saving techniques everywhere else.

This will give you a high-end looking space for a fraction of the cost. The reason this tip works is because you're forcing your guests to look at the focal points, those 'wow factors'. And if you do those well enough, they won't be paying attention to where you saved money. 

Too often folks with limited budgets take EVERYTHING down a notch. And that just leads to a boring space, where it's obvious you pinched pennies.  For example - Let's say you don't have budget for new cabinetry so plan to paint what you have instead. Normally I don't love this idea (that's a whole other blog post) BUT... if you splurge on some amazing vintage pendant lights that EVERYONE will focus on, suddenly it doesn't look like you went cheap everywhere since those lights are a focal point that tell people "hey, they made some cool design choices here". They will think the cabinet painting was intentional, not "we had to because of budget." 

Make sense?

So without further adieu, here are some amazing kitchens where people used appliances as that 'wow factor'.

Aren't they awesome? 


olliePop Design // Inspiration : Kitchen Appliances

This range is definitely a splurge but that hood is just painted walls. By painting the walls and cabinets the same they saved tons of cash on the hood, so that they could splurge on the range. 

olliePop Design // Inspiration : Kitchen Appliances

Disclaimer! This is my kitchen so I might be partial, but how fun is this red oven? The pop of color creates an awesome focal point. The hood isn't done in this pic so you'll have to check back once I get pics of that amazing finished wall! 

olliePop Design // Inspiration : Kitchen Appliances

Ummmm I think the appliances are playing hide and seek again! We love the simplicity that the hidden appliances give this space. 

olliePop Design // Inspiration : Kitchen Appliances

Similarly, the appliances in this kitchen blend right into the cabinetry for a subtle and natural look. 

olliePop Design // Inspiration : Kitchen Appliances

Rather than matching the appliances to the cabinetry like you saw above, this kitchen matches the cabinetry to the stainless steel appliances for a sleek, modern look.

olliePop Design // Inspiration : Kitchen Appliances
olliePop Design // Inspiration : Kitchen Appliances

We are loving these vintage refrigerators! They are a great way to add a pop of color to your space and incorporate a little bit of old in with the new. 

We hope these kitchens give you tons of inspiration for your own space, and don't forget about that #loveyourhouseforless tip!

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