living spaces : #2ndstflip

Our favorite type of flip houses only need cosmetic updates and come with the expensive yet not-so-fun stuff complete (mechanical, electrical, windows, etc). That was exactly this house. Being located in a hip and creative neighborhood where the selling prices of homes are perfect for young families and first-time buyers, we went bold with our design choices to create vibrant, playful spaces. We had a blast revitalizing the living spaces in this house and giving it that wow-factor that draws in buyers. 

Black is the New White

While white has been on trend for a few years now, the pendulum is quickly swinging in the far opposite direction to our favorite, black. You may be comfortable going bold and painting your entire room black, or you may only be ready for a few smaller accent pieces. Wherever you land, we’ve rounded up a some ideas for how you can incorporate this fun new trend in your space.