Something Different Summer Tour

Nordic Meets Industrial

Our forever-home has been 8 years in the making. We redid 90% of our home including exterior walls and changing rooflines. It probably made sense just to demo the house and rebuild but we lived here (ahhh, not always smart!) and chipped away over the years so that we could turn it into a curated space that represented us and avoided any and all trends.

Our style is very nordic, masculine and industrial. It is NOT farmhouse so don’t let those white wood walls fool you! The white wood walls and rustic flooring are actually very Nordic. But then we pair it with extreme contrasts in blacks, various metals and lot’s of caramel and brown tones to give it a masculine and industrial edge. There’s virtually no color in our house except a little pop of red or green here and there, even in the kid’s rooms. Yet each space is completely unique, much because we curated the space over so many years.

We have a love for vintage and making things no one has seen before (like our stair treads and beams on the side of the lower kitchen cabinets!). We are excited for you to come take a tour of our home. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Kitchen, Entry, Dining + Living Room

We removed 7 walls and put in 3 beams in order to create an open living area that encompasses the entry, kitchen, dining and living rooms. We vaulted the kitchen and entry ceiling and then laid the dining room ceiling on top of it so that we could raise it another 2’.

The living room used to have 2 decks wrapped around it but we framed those in to be part of the living space, nearly doubling it in size. We also switched the staircase around so that the back side faced the entry allowing us to squeeze in a closet.

Master Suite

The master suite used to be a living room and a hallway bath. We removed 2 walls full of bay windows, added the reclaimed street pavers to the bedroom and bathroom wall, aded some of our old subfloor wood above the new full-length windows, built an antique cabinet from the University of Minnesota into a wall to hide a TV and clothing (in leu of a traditional dresser solution) , added a sliding barn door over the closet (which used to be the entry hall and front door to the house), move the hallway bathroom entrance to the bedroom and well, we’ll just let the bathroom speak for itself. It gets a lot of love on Instagram and I think you’ll see why.


The office is above the living room and it, too used to have 2 decks around the outside that we framed in to be part of the living space. We actually completely removed 3.5 of the walls down to the subfloor so took the opportunity to do a vaulted ceiling, too. Having an architecture background I will just say that I always focus on architecture first. If I have to skimp on furnishings I will until I can afford them. But I will never skimp on adding an architectural detail as it’s what makes homes special and stand the test of time. We added a huge 9’ factory door from St Paul. Added more reclaimed beams above the windows and a 25’ long desk under them, which faces downtown St Paul and the Mississippi river. Our home is on the bluff so the house ends up on stilts as you go down towards the backyard. The office is on the second story so is nearly above the treetops as it’s technically 4 stories above ground. It has the most gorgeous view.

Kid’s Bedrooms and Bathroom

One kid’s bedroom is on the main level. That’s the one with the built-in bunk beds, which we built into the room. Then there’s a second staircase that goes up to another area with very low ceilings. We gutted this space and added a half bath, laundry and 2 kid rooms. We built their two beds so that they were super low to the ground and added a bunch of storage. We also custom built their closets and desks. The ceilings are so low that you can’t have doors. But as any parent knows, kids are fine with this and usually don’t want doors shut until they’re ornery teens anyway. It’s a perfect space that they call their own, and they love it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of our home. We do daily behind-the-scene updates on all client and personal projects over on Instagram. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for lots of inspiration, email (see footer!) and our blog with Bloglovin'! 

We are joined by many talented ladies for the Something Different Summer Home Tour! Don’t miss their lovely homes being featured every day this week. There are some really creative and interesting spaces!


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