Colorful Glam Bathroom - Phase 5 - Nearly Complete! - One Room Challenge - Week 5

This week has been so much fun. It always takes awhile to see progress during remodels as the demo and rough-in stages aren’t very pretty. But as soon as your tiling is done it feels like suddenly everything is done because in a matter of a couple days you can install everything else. And that’s just what we did, so read on to see lot’s of colorful and fun progress!

If you’re new to this bathroom, check out our first four posts to see before pictures, the design plan, our plan for the never-before-seen tile install, all the final material selections, tile installation progress and what caused us issues with my crazy install idea.

Final Fixture Install

This project included 3 custom items - the vanity cabinet, mirror and shower glass. That means it takes a bit longer to get stuff installed as you’re coordinating multiple vendors. Much different than just going to the store and picking up off-the-shelf items. First up came the custom vanity. We used a marble top from Wayfair, which will be our LAST time ever doing so. You can read about why on our previous post.

mauve pink bathroom vanity Carrara marble countertop

Note (next pic) how we had to round the bottom corner of the vanity to match the rounded tile. Cute, right!?

I also designed it to sit on a little pedestal so that it appeared to float above the ground. The pedestal is only set back a finger’s length so that if anything falls under it, you can still reach it. (have I mentioned I like details, yet?) Also, I wanted the sides and front of the vanity to be seamless with each groove matching up. The side of the door acts as another ‘groove’ as it’s the same distance as the rest of them. Same with the front where the two doors come together. The gap between them acts as another groove. A detail many will never notice, but stuff I ALWAYS focus on and it’s those types of details that bring an extra polish to a space. Little did you know that THIS much thinking goes into what appears to be such a simple piece.


Next came the shower glass. Also, I want to pause for a second and point out how the grey tile is in front of the vanity on the floor. We did this on purpose as I didn’t want any of the grey interfering with that line. Hey, details, right?

Shower glass install, and how to contain water in a small bathroom with no shower curb


Mirror, toilet, fixtures and light!

For those following along, you’ll notice we made the poor contractor hold up a light for us that is NOT brass. I still think a brass light would be cool, but seeing the white one in the space really brought in an element of calm that we loved. So, white is what we did! This also gives more flexibility down the road for how our client can style the space.


OK, I skipped JUST the mirror and went straight for everything. Forgive me, we moved fast. But it’s looking pretty amazing, right? All materials that weren’t custom are linked in this blog post.

colorful glam pink grey penny tile bathroom mirror
colorful glam bathroom chandelier white pink grey bathroom_2

Next Week - One Room Challenge Week 6 - FINAL REVEAL!

Be sure to check back next week for the final reveal! We’re torn on how to stage the bathroom for the final reveal. This bathroom is very glam and fun, which is what our client loved. So we can amp up the glam in staging, or we might go for a slightly eclectic look (think Anthropologie style) to show how it can be a playful space, too. You’ll have to tune in to see what we do!

Thanks so much for following along (make sure to follow us on Instagram where we do daily updates!) and don’t forget to check out all the other ORC participants!

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