Colorful Glam Bathroom - Phase 4 - Tile Installation progress - One Room Challenge - Week 4

And just like that, the never-before-seen tile installation on our colorful glam bathroom project is complete! If you’re new to this bathroom, check out our first three posts to see before pictures, the design plan, our plan for the never-before-seen tile install, and all the final material selections, which includes our custom mauve pink bathroom vanity and links to every purchased product.

Tile Progress

We design every project with 1-2 main focal points in a room. And in this project it is all about the tile. The bathroom is fairly small - narrow but with amazing high ceilings. So to help make the space feel larger we wanted the walls and floor to feel as one, and achieved this by running a tile pattern on both. We proposed this sort of squished rhombus shape where we have grey penny tile on the inside and white on the outside. And to avoid an ugly transition from wall to floor and wall to wall, we rounded the corners. This proposed a fun challenge for the installers, which of course they loved as they know us too well to think we’d give them something simple, right?

Grey Tile First

We installed the grey tile first. And that bottom corner below the shower head proved to be a tough spot to transition. I don’t talk about it in the video but be sure to look for it. We had to remove tiles one-by-one to make a diagonal line. I tell ya what, we’re pretty darn lucky to have only one tough spot where we had to get creative when we had 3 walls and a floor all converge with one another.

Final Tile Walkthrough

Progress and Finished Tile Photos


As mentioned in the video, the big square of drywall will be covered by a custom mirror. It’ll overlap the edge of the tile to give it a nice finished look. And then to the right of the mirror will be a floor-to-ceiling custom shower glass panel about 3-tile rows over. The idea with the simple glass is that it’ll keep the water in the shower but won’t obstruct the view, as we want you to look in this bathroom and see the entire shape of the tile.


I like the next 2 photos as they do a good job showing how the transition from floor-to-walls and wall-to-wall is curved.

colorful glam bathroom penny tile installation curved corners
colorful glam penny tile installation grey white curved

Next Week - One Room Challenge Week 5

Be sure to check back next week as we’ll have everything installed - vanity, mirror, shower glass and chandelier. It will be so much fun to see everything start coming into the space. That’s when a room really starts to come to life and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Thanks so much for following along (make sure to follow us on Instagram where we do daily updates!) and don’t forget to check out all the other ORC participants!

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