Our Work : 4-Story Historic River View Loft

Talk about a killer location! Can we move in, too? (We can allllmost see this building from our house, actually!) We know exactly why our client purchased this place, even if it had some quirks that needed some lipstick. This place is 4 stories, 10’ tall ceilings, exposed brick, and has its own private rooftop deck overlooking downtown AND the river. And the room off the deck is this weird sort of treehouse thing that we cannot wait to get our hands on. Need we say more?  

lets dive in!  

Here are some screen shots of the before, taken from a 3d walkthrough of the space. Green carpet, 90s wood tones, bold orange and mustard walls, and mismatched flooring. Check out that top level "treehouse" COVERED in wood from floor to ceiling...and those rounded walls. Pretty sweet, right? The potential oozes out like warm cheese in a delicious grilled cheese sammich.  


design plan  

We have a decently healthy budget but not enough to gut the kitchen. And with 2 living rooms she needs lots of furniture, which eats up a gal's budget real quick. So we’re focusing on the major eyesores, which are the 2 bathrooms, the treehouse, dated trim and flooring, lighting throughout and the 3 staircases. From a furniture perspective, we're kitting out the main level living and dining room as well as the treehouse. 

She has a mega glam side to her. She’d put glitter everywhere if she could, so it was a lot of fun amping up the bling for her. Lucite couch legs? Metal vanity legs? Killer chandeliers on those 10’ ceilings? Yes please! 


living + dining rooms

When you walk into the main level you’re faced with the long wall that has 2 sections of exposed brick. That’s our focal point right there, right? So we’re putting some bold wallpaper on that wall and between the 2 brick sections will go 2 huge custom art pieces, nearly floor to ceiling. That’ll really accentuate the high ceilings in this space.


Both the living room and dining room will get new chandeliers. Trim will turn white.  New white doors. And new wood floors. The dining table will be a Carrara marble tulip table (of course!) and we will have some fun with mixing chairs to quirk things up a bit. The rugs will be a fun color to tie in the wallpaper. And a large 8’ tree will round things out in the living room. Curtains are tbd in that front bay window area. Not sure we really need them just yet. 

The rugs and furniture will be glammed up with velvet, tufting and bold jewel tones. We’re so exited for this transformation. Pretty sweet so far, right? 



The bathrooms have identical layouts and aren’t very big, which is awesome because we can go bold with some of our material choices without destroying the budget. A designer's dream. And since they have the same layout, we wanted to push their looks pretty far apart from each other so that they're truly unique. 


Mod Glam. The first will use all neutrals but will go bold with lots of texture and contrast. We’ll go with a custom wood vanity blinged out with some tall metal legs and a Carrara marble top. Then we gave our client 2 options for the floor and shower tile. Option 1 will use a Carrara and black marble mosaic floor tile with black marble on the back shower wall for a focus (the back wall is what you see when you walk in the room). Then the other two walls will be white tiles. Option 2 will have black marble floors and huge 2x4' marble shower wall tiles. For both options we’ll use brass/gold as an accent in the fixtures. 

Colorful Glam. The second bathroom will have lots of color to bring in the jewel tones of the living and dining rooms. The focus will be the colorful vanity and the coolest mosaic floor tile in history (I swear). We'll buy 2 colors of floor tiles and create our own pattern on the floor that will also extend up the wall. We'll use a curbless shower so that the floor is 100% flat in the bathroom, which will allow the pattern to run into the shower and partially up the back wall. (Again, the back wall is what you see when you walk into the bathroom so it should be cool...aka, a focus). The rest of the walls in the shower will be the white mosaic, and we’ll extend it out behind the toilet so that it butts up to the vanity mirror. Speaking of the mirror, we'll custom cut it so that it goes from the wall to the ceiling and all the way over to the tile. This will help open up the space and give the bathroom the glam our client loves. We will find a quirky vintage chandelier to hang from the ceiling and keep the hardware simple and modern so that it doesn't take away from the tile and vanity. I am beyond stoked for this bathroom. 



We are finalizing the material choices now so will begin demo later this summer. Keep up to date on this (and all of our projects) by following us on InstagramPinterest, email (see footer!) and our blog with Bloglovin'!