Our Work : Light + Bright Craftsman Kitchen

We get a lot of work in the city, which we love because it's where we live and we're familiar with all of the architectural styles in the area (think turn of the century to the 1930s). So when one of our clients referred her parents to us we were excited because it was an opportunity to modernize one of our favorite styles; a traditional four square, or "craftsman-light" as we like to call it. This project is all about the kitchen and dining room (bathroom soon, too). Their home has a lot of original woodwork, such as built-ins and trim that have been meticulously maintained, yet the kitchen was redone in the 90s and needs a complete overhaul.

We love these clients because they are aren't fussy. They just want good design that functions well, and they appreciate how gorgeous their home is. So we were on the same page when they wanted to redo the kitchen in a way that would stay true to the integrity of their home. Without further adieu, here's our plan for their kitchen. 

Overall Design Plan

The first step is to open up the wall between the living and dining rooms. This will give the homeowners a peninsula to seat three and will modernize the space so it feels more open. But doing this means we must match the kitchen cabinets perfectly with the rest of the home's woodwork. We've seen too many houses where they don't do this, yielding a terrible disconnect between one room and the next. It's too trendy and will look dated quickly. Grrrr! 

While the cabinets in the main area of the kitchen will match the rest of the house, we're going to have a little fun in a nook off the back that will act as sort of a butler's pantry. Their favorite color is green, just like ours! So there's no need to guess what color those cabinets will be painted.  

Here's a picture of the builtins in the dining room and archway between the dining and living room. You can see how beautiful the woodwork is and how the new kitchen cabinetry will look.

Demo Time!

Let's start taking a look at what will go where, shall we? First up, this is the wall we're taking down and where the peninsula will go. We're doing bold wallpaper in the dining room so will keep the peninsula countertop in a lighter stone so that the dining room feels light and fresh. The dining room is quite spacious so we will be able to add stools around the island and still have room for a large dining room table.

OlliePop Design // Kitchen remodel : b4

We'll wrap up the dining room with some new paint and a chandelier.

OlliePop Design // Kitchen remodel : b4

We'll use a dark stone countertop in the rest of the kitchen, which will look beautiful against the new, lighter-toned woodwork. We're going to expose the brick chimney in the corner which will serve as a stunning textural and architectural focal point. To keep all eyes on the chimney we're going to keep the stove and sink wall backsplashes a simple slab of the same stone we are using for the countertop. We'll do a new appliance package including an exposed hood so the feature is truly the backsplash and chimney.

OlliePop Design // Kitchen remodel : b4

Here’s another angle where you can see how the chimney will be exposed and how beautiful of a focal point it will be. We're going to remove the bottom piece of the window trim so that the stone backsplash will go from the counter up to the window. We'll center the sink under the window, too. 

OlliePop Design // Kitchen remodel : b4

Here's that "nook" we mentioned earlier, that we're going to turn into a butler's pantry. We're going to wrap the archway in wood to match the dining/living room archway perfectly. Then the cabinetry in here will be painted an amazing deep shade of green. We only have about 10" of depth on the left so will do a floor to ceiling shelving unit with doors. Sort of like bookcases with doors. This space is completely unused right now and will end up offering a crazy amount of storage for the homeowners. Not to mention a gorgeous piece of furniture that we're building. 

On the other side of the nook is an area that will act sort of like a bar where the countertop is shallow, 18" just like a bathroom vanity, but yet it is still usable and a great place to prep a drink or some food if you're entertaining.


Now let's talk finishes!

In the main area of the kitchen we'll add some can lights to really brighten up the space. The nook will get a fun antique flush mount light. Our focal lights will be two antique milk glass fixtures over the island (see the ones with a blue top in the moodboard, below). We'll paint the top metal a fun color to contrast with the green cabinetry and bold wallpaper in the dining room. We'll hang a brand new modern dining room chandelier and do antique or antique replica hardware on all the cabinetry. We are also going to refinish the wood floors so they match the floors throughout the rest of the main level.

OlliePop Design // Kitchen remodel : moodboard


We hope you love this kitchen design as much as we do. We'll be sure to keep you updated here as well as on social, so be sure to follow us. Links below! 

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