Top 10 Favorite Bathroom Faucets Under $100

Top 10 Favorite Bathroom Faucets

One of the best ways to stretch a budget is to save on the small stuff that can be swapped out later once more money rolls in. We do this with our clients ALL the time, especially with faucets, which is why we wanted to do a round up for you of our top 10 faucets under $100!

 A quick FYI on faucets - the more you spend, you'll likely get higher quality internal parts, and it's the internal parts that will break down causing your faucet to leak over time. So theoretically, the more you spend, you're sort of guaranteeing your faucet won't leak for a few more years.

 But....and here's a big but....Here's our logic that we share with our clients all the time. Don't let the cost of the small stuff keep you from doing a remodel. This stuff can always be swapped out once you have more money. Do the remodel and get the big stuff done right and with the best quality you can afford. But then save on the small stuff. Let's do some quick math.

Scenario 1 - Buy a $40 faucet so you can still move forward with your big remodel. It starts to leak in 2 years so you go buy another $40 faucet. And heck, you might buy a different one that follows the new trend. (hello, bonus!) In 4 years you have $80 invested. Not too shabby.

Scenario 2 - Spend $200 on a more expensive faucet that may have better internal parts that won't leak so quickly. Using scenario 1's math, you'd be stuck with this $200 faucet for 8+ years. I don't know many faucets that still look cool 8 years later or that won't have leaked by then! Secnario 1 sound pretty tempting now, doesn't it.

If you can afford a $200 faucet I will tell you to buy that one every day because it's probably true that it will be of better quality. But if your budget is tight, it's super easy to buy an affordable one now and then swap it out later should it break or your style change!

 So now that you're a pro on what to spend and why, here's a round up of some of our favorite bathroom faucets under $100 bucks! And you'll see we've used some of them with our clients, too.


Beelee Single Hole Faucet
Rozin Single Hole Faucet
Delta Single Hole Faucet
TimeArrow Widespreaed Faucet
JOMOO Widespread Faucet
Moen Widespread Faucet
Derengge Widespread Faucet
Symmons Centerset Faucet
Katun Centerset Faucet
Kingston Centerset Faucet

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