b4 + after : design - tudor turns scandinavian modern

One of our favorite current projects is taking a classic Tudor home and turning it into more of a Scandinavian modern (with a hint of rustic) style. 

We show some b4 + after pics as well as some current progress over here.

But this post is about the fun stuff, the design! We're doing everything on this project from design to build to final furnishings. Because it'll be such a dramatic transformation we built a 3D model to convey the overall design transformation. And because moodboards do a better job showing materials, we included two of those.

The work includes a new staircase (including moving the entrance to the stairs), a new fireplace, and removing 4 beams. Pending budget we're hoping to tackle the kitchen and possibly refinishing the floors using a traditional Scandinavian lime-wash. 

We're very excited about this project. Let us know what you think or contact us if you'd like to do something similar. 


design: moodboards

This below moodboard is for the main living areas - living room, dining room, stairs and entry. 

The below moodboard is for the kitchen. 


design: 3D model