b4 + after : from run-down to well-loved

This house may not have wow-factor before and after photos, but it's a great example of the various types of work that olliePop Design does for the real estate industry. Our task was to  make this house 'cute' again. Even though it was empty, it needed to show like it was well-loved. 

We combine staging with remodeling in many, non-traditional ways. In this case it was coming up with a curb appeal plan (paint awning, steps, front door and install window boxes. Redo landscaping with plants from other areas of the yard) and then determine which items would distract potential buyers most, and tackle those so that the house shows well. The homeowner, realtor and olliePop all agreed that we could continue to knock things off the list, but you have to stop somewhere. 


And as always, the success story!

Before we came in, the realtor was concerned the house would sit on the market and attract low offers. And the homeowner was going to bring a minimum of $5,000 to the table, before spending any money with us. After we were done they listed the house for $20,000 more, are expecting multiple offers, and the homeowner will take home at least $6,000 after what they spent with us. Not bad for just over 2 weeks worth of work and less than $10,000! As they say in business, it takes money to make money. In this case the homeowner is gaining $11,000 by working with us, and the house will sell fast, which means even more money in their pocket with reduced carrying costs.

b4 + after

A task list over 50 items long

While we don't expect you to read the long list of everything we did, we wanted to include it so you can see the breadth of, and sometimes random, things we do to get houses ready for sale:

Fresh Paint  

  1. Both bedrooms on main level (walls and ceilings). Patched holes

  2. Living room (walls and ceiling) and hallway. Patched holes.

  3. Touched up kitchen ceiling.

  4. Front door

  5. Side door

  6. Front steps

  7. Front and side thresholds

  8. Garage trim and side entry door (in process of)

  9. Upstairs walls

  10. Basement finished space (walls and ceiling)

  11. Front and side awnings

  12. Front step railings

Other items - listed by floor

Main Floor

  1. Cleaned kitchen floor, countertop and sink

  2. Refreshed all hardwood floors (bleached, lightly spot sanded, spot stained, sealed with a hard wood sealer that penetrates the wood and hardens as the floor already had some clear coat on it.

  3. New pin on bedroom closet door

  4. New light in bedroom

  5. Fixed bedroom door stain/clear coat

  6. Touched up kitchen cabinet trim around knobs

  7. Install new lock sets on front door, side door and side garage entry

  8. Install cover for the doorbell hole in the kitchen.

  9. Trim down side garage door so it doesn’t stick


  1. New landscaping around entire property including mulch, weeding, new plants

  2. Tree trimming

  3. Cleaned gutters (some in process of)

  4. Painted clothes pole

  5. Added edging to front pathway

  6. Added flower window boxes, planted flowers

  7. Installed missing awning piece. Power washed/scrubbed both awnings.

  8. New entry mat

  9. Garage -scrape and paint trim and side entry door

  10. Clean out gutters

  11. Power wash side walk, back patio and back walkway next to fence

  12. Cut down branches above house both in front and back.

  13. Cut down branches that touch power line

  14. Remove bushes from back of garage. Keep 3 large trees

  15. Plant colorful plants down east fence line (mulched area) and along garage (rocked area).

  16. Plant hostas along west wall, move some lilies around. Take some irises and move to back.


  1. Patched in missing ceiling tiles

  2. Fixed both east and west wall panels

  3. Filled in under the staircase with a new wall and panel. Installed an outlet

  4. Cleaned bathroom

  5. Cleaned finished space floor

  6. Removed basement stairs carpet then painted stairs

  7. Basement closet in the finished area - scrape paint, install half ceiling tile in east corner. Paint closet.

  8. Clean cob webs from the unfinished part of the basement

  9. Touch up tiled ceiling “grout” lines with white paint

  10. Trim down basement door to closet and unfinished space so they shut

  11. Bleach then paint inside of basement closet door.


  1. Removed decals in bathroom

  2. Cleaned bathroom

  3. Added curtain to crawl space storage area

  4. New light fixture above stairs

  5. Installed new railing, patched holes from old railing

  6. Touch up red ceiling overspray upstairs with white pain