Mid-Century Sale : Final Reveal

We're really excited about this house. It's the perfect example of what we do for home sales - a bit of remodeling and staging in one. We touched every inch of this house from a complete kitchen facelift, to building some storage in the bathroom, front yard landscaping and staging in each room. From a budget standpoint, we focused on the kitchen (which needed the most work as it was the only space renovated since the house was built, and removed all mid century charm), living room and dining room. Our thought was that these spaces would sell the house. We did a bit of remodeling in all 3 rooms, and then staged everywhere else. In three weeks and for $5,000, here's the transformation: 

The Plan

We start with a moodboard to help the client visualize our plan. Since we focused on the kitchen, living and dining rooms for this remodel + staging, we reflected those rooms in the moodboard as well. The moodboard is a mix of inspiration as well as actual pieces and applications we bring into the space. For ex, we did the wallpaper and lights you see pictured, but the kitchens are inspirational. 





We needed to tackle a few issues in this kitchen, and on a tight budget: 

  • There was a new dishwasher and fridge, but they didn't match. We didn't want to purchase a new appliance set.

  • The linoleum floor was separating in a few areas, creating dark and dirty lines.

  • The custom cabinets above the main cabinets didn't match the lowers and created an awkward focal point. They also didn't close properly and needed fixing.

  • The countertops were newer and a nice solid surface of mixed grays and whites, but they didn't match anything in the kitchen so looked out of place.


kitchen west after

By painting everything the same color and adding a bold backsplash, your eye no longer focuses on the upper cabinet issue. And to the left we added a focal wall with a fun modern wallpaper (they're swans!). We painted the remaining walls white. We added new hardware in a brushed brass and disguised the less-than-ideal linoleum floor with a large jute rug. By painting the cabinets a gray, the countertops now look purposeful. The white and black appliances blend in since the color palette was minimized to mostly grays and whites. 


before kitchen east


This transformation speaks for itself. The area was unused and lacked charm. By bringing in a mid century tulip table and a new light, we carried the black accent color over to this area and created a useful eat-in nook. We built a custom top for the table so that the dark brown wood color was carried throughout the kitchen. The stools were an Ikea hack - painting the tops white and staining the legs to match the table top. Not bad for $15 a piece. The light was another $10 Ikea hack. It comes white so we painted the top and bottom black and then the inside the same brushed brass color as the cabinet hardware. The curtains bring in a bit of texture and have a similar bold pattern like the backsplash. 

kitchen nook after

Living and Dining Rooms


The main living space already had fun paint colors, and maintained all of the original mid century charm. But it lacked a cohesive style and the fireplace wall wasn't showcasing as the focal point that it is. The furniture placement made the room seem like a pass-through versus a comfy place to relax. When you walk in the house you see the dining room first, so without a chandelier it lacked the wow-factor.  And lighting was an issue too as this area of the house is on the west, so it doesn't get as much natural light as other areas of the house.


In the living room, we started by moving furniture around and clearing out a few oversized pieces. We anchored the room with some rugs and a coffee table. We applied cement to the fireplace, which modernizes it yet stays true to the mid century style. Throughout the house we brought in brass, which is really hot right now but also a mid century staple. In this space we brought in brass on the fireplace lights, dining room chandelier, some decor pieces and the coffee table. To help brighten up the space we brought in two lights on the fireplace as well as a lot of white accents, and then the dining room Sputnik chandelier. We did the same with bold-patterned curtains in both the dining and living room that has a white background. We painted the inside of the entryway door the same color is the kitchen cabinets to tie the rooms together, but also to fix some water damage. The rest is about layering by bringing in lots of texture and playing with different heights in the room. 

fireplace after
living room after
dining room after
entry way after

Master Bedroom


This house has 3 bedrooms up, with one commonly used as as swing room. She did just that and used that 3rd room for sewing. The bedrooms underwent staging, primarily consisting of removing furniture and swapping out the beds so that we didn't overcrowd the rooms. We staged one room as a kid's room with a twin bed, and the other as a master. In the master we used the homeowners bed, bedding, rug and dresser. We needed to pull the room together with a theme though, so added some pops of color and texture with pillows, a floor lamp, a plant, curtains and art work. This was another room where we had very little budget but made a big impact with staging. 

master bedroom bed before
master bedroom chair before


master bedroom after




This is a fairly small bathroom with no storage, except for the Ikea piece under the sink. The homeowner had it painted a nice green, but it still fell a little flat with muted colors and no art in the room. It also had no outlets except for in the 2 sconces. We kept the budget small in here, but brought in lots of texture and color with the tapestry used as a shower curtain and shelving unit full of fun decor pieces. We added storage and texture by adding wood to the Ikea piece and painting the legs and pulls black. We painted the light fixtures gray to match the rugs and towels. 

bathroom before shower
bathroom before storage


bathroom shower after
bathroom storage after



We spent one afternoon cleaning up the front yard landscaping with 8 new plants to bring in a ton of color, moving a few that were already there and trimming up the rest. We removed the screen door so that the original mid century door, which was painted a nice bold color, would be visible. Lastly, we painted the house numbers and put out a colorful rug to bring it all together. 

landscaping before
landscaping close up before


landscaping after
landscaping close up after

I forgot to take a picture of the landscaping once everything was done, so you'll have to make do with this one for now (i.e. when the pillows are removed from the window and the grass is cut).