b4 + after : master suite - bedroom

This master suite started as a living room right off the main entrance to the house, and a bathroom that shared a wall with the room, but was accessed from the hallway. 

We started by moving the entrance to the house, which meant we could frame in the front door and turn the wide entryway hall into the master closet. This included framing in the main archway into the living room. In the b4 picture below you can see part of the archway and the lace-covered front entry door to the right. 

b4: master suite. Original entryway to the house and arched living room entrance.

b4: master suite. Original entryway to the house and arched living room entrance.

Next we removed the 2 huge 8' bay windows. We framed the one on the right in so that the bedroom has a clear focal point wall. To the left we added 2 new nearly floor-to-ceiling windows topped with reclaimed wood headers for trim, and covered the rest of the wall with old street paver bricks. The pavers are also used in the master bath. The b4 picture below shows both bay windows.

b4: master suite. 2 bay window walls.

b4: master suite. 2 bay window walls.

Below we're standing in the entryway hall. Farthest left is the entryway into the bathroom. Middle left you can see into what will become the master bedroom and in front you can see us framing in the entryway to become the master bedroom closet.

master suite

The b4 picture below is the wall adjoining the bathroom. We installed a pocket door about where the white chair is in this picture. Where the mount is will eventually become a built-in housing a small closet as well as an antique school bookcase with amazing full-length glass doors.

b4: master suite. Wall adjoining master bath.

b4: master suite. Wall adjoining master bath.

And now for some after pictures! The light was only around $129 from West Elm. We put in a mix of regular and 5" sized bulbs, and then tied it in a loose knot. The tribal rug is antique, and the black/white rug on top was only around $30-40 from Urban Outfitters. 

master bedroom 1

On the right is an antique barn door we picked up from someone who specializes in reclaimed wood on Craigslist. Sneak peak at the main master closet (which used to be the entrance to the house as mentioned above). 

master bedroom 2

The bricks on the wall are the same ones used in the master bathroom, and are reclaimed street pavers from the upper Midwest, cut down to veneers. You'll see the new windows below, which bring in the perfect amount of light considering they face the west. 

master bedroom 3

The picture below shows the antique cabinet from the school we mentioned above. To the left is the entrance to the master bath (still needs some trim). A second bedroom closet is to the left of the school cabinet. We used push-button mechanisms to open some doors in this house so that when closed it's as if there isn't a door. We did this for built-ins under both staircases and an entryway closet.