current work : bathroom

This basement bathroom remodel is fun. Period. This couple wants to push the design as their entire basement needs to be remodeled, leaving them with a blank canvas. 

We thought we'd use this post to feature another project, but also to share a bit about our design process and philosophy. 

Whenever we work with homeowners wishing to remodel a room, we give them homework. The purpose of the homework is for each person to identify their style. The homework consists of a group of moodboards with distinctly different styles. The type of room we're remodeling isn't always represented, and we do that on purpose because we don't necessarily want people pointing out specifics. The goal is to obtain a general look and feel, not "I want this faucet". There are always clear "Style Trends" that emerge from the homework results, which you can see in the image below. We put this together so that homeowner's agree on a style before we move forward and do custom design work for their space. This homework is also great if we have 2 or more opinions weighing in on the remodel, as those opinions usually mean different aesthetics that need to come together in one space. Once we get the Style Trends signed off on, we start pulling actual materials and draw up the space. See the Style Trends board from this basement bathroom below:

This couple was actually very different from each other when it came to overall aesthetic. And I'm sure they're surprised by the commonalities we were able to pull together.

Next up is designing the actual space, and to do that we oftens start with a moodboard, which is filled with a combination of inspiration pics and actual pieces we want to use in their space. The moodboard for this bathroom is below, along with some of our design thoughts on this space:

These clients told us they wanted to go with white subway tile and dark grout. We love that, but it's suddenly EVERYWHERE. We pulled some green tile examples we hope they go for. After all, they said they wanted a wow factor! 

When you walk into the bathroom, the far wall is all shower, which means it'll be the main thing you see when you walk in, and it needs to be beautiful. They both love crown moulding so we thought it'd be beautiful to add some moulding to the shower door so it looks more like another room and is really highlighted. We're proposing a pretty seafoam green tile in the shower and a cool graphic floor tile. We're going to build a vanity much like you see in the picture below, and will mount Kohler's 2-faucet sink with the bottom exposed. 

The client doesn't like the lights in the picture below (even though they're amazing), but we still need a statement piece. We're proposing 2 big glass pendants that you see in the moodboard, hanging from the ceiling. The room isn't that big so having clear glass shades will give the room a lot of texture without closing in the space. 

They will use this bathroom to wash their dogs in as well, so need a handheld shower head. Unpolished brass ones are very very expensive, but we recently found an affordable one we're hoping they like (well, affordable as far as exposed shower heads go).