current work : office

We're fortunate to have a great client for this office remodel as she has fun taste and is willing to pay money for great quality and exactly what she wants. She also likes to push the boundaries to get a wow-factor, which some people are too scared to do. 

The office was already underway when we were enlisted for help, with the popcorn ceilings, carpet and wallpaper removed, walls painted a pale yellow and floor tiled with the look of hard wood. We're starting with a great canvas. 

Task: Our client works in IT for a large local company, and has the opportunity to work from home quite a bit, so she needs functional work space with dual-monitors. She also wants to use the office for various crafts such as scrapbooking and sewing. 

Solution: The desk space in the built-ins will house computer monitors, and is wide enough so she can spread out various papers needed for work. The bulk of the built-in's storage will be used for her crafts. She's very organized so we're going to keep the built-ins open, which will help the room feel larger. For closed storage, we're going to find a fun antique piece (seafoam green hutch), which will be on the opposite wall. 

We're going to have a second desk-space in the room, which will be perfect for her crafting projects. Since the office is narrow and there's a natural path to another room (his office) through hers, we're going to have the desk butt up to the side wall. To ensure there's balance in the room we'll have a big rug under the desk and then a smaller rug that's off to the side a bit (so it won't interfere with the walkway but so it gives the illusion that the other rug is larger). The two rugs will also bring in a lot of contrast and layering, which she loves. 

The biggest undertaking in this office will be the custom wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor built-ins. The office is long and fairly narrow so we're making the end wall the focal point.

Below are the designs the client signed off on. The built-ins in the pictures with the entire room shown are comps. The last picture, with just the built-in, is the final design. 

We'll be done in a couple months, after which we'll post some after pics. 

The final built-ins will have open cabinets on the bottom, a full-length wood countertop and then uppers with the lower sides open and glass doors on the top row. The texture you see in the back will be something we add after the room is complete and will either be some sort of wallpaper, fabric or wood.