b4 + after : a bold + classic kitchen remodel

For this kitchen we put together 2 distinct moodboards, with 2 options in one of them. We weren't sure how much we could push our client so kept that second option pretty simple. We had our favorite of course, but kept our opinions until the end. And just our luck, he chose the one we were rooting for, which is the first moodboard below. 

We're fortunate that this client is happy to let us push the design and recognizes that being too-trendy will only quickly become obsolete.

You won't see any big-box store looks in this kitchen and we're loving it. It's pretty classic but with some bold touches in the floor tile and brass accents. 

The moodboard below has 2 options, the second one being a bit simpler. Even though the client went with the above moodboard, he chose the grey floor tile you see below after getting around ~20 samples in the mail. It's going to look great! We're very excited to see the end result. 

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