current work : a classic kitchen remodel

We can't wait for you to see the b4+after pics of this kitchen, it's going to be beautiful. The home is very traditional so we're keeping the kitchen in line with the rest of the house, but adding a bit of drama with a colorful floor tile. 

We gave this client a tailored homework project, which helped them hone in on their design preferences. Instead of doing a moodboard we did a mockup using real materials to help them get a sense of exactly how their kitchen will look. They were torn between 2-3 material choices for each surface, so doing mockups like this really helped them be confident in their decisions. Some of the perspectives and sizes are off, but it did a good job of showing, for ex, how a marble countertop would look with an all-white kitchen versus a wood countertop. 

It's going to be a bit before the kitchen is done, but here are the designs as a little teaser. 

Coleman Kitchen Option 2_Grey_FINAL.jpg

They decided they liked a light grey cabinet with a white countertop and backsplash and a bold-patterened floor tile. We ordered a few samples and fell in love with the one you see mocked up below. We're moving forward with the bottom-left image, except we're going with brushed nickel hardware instead of black. 

We're excited to see it all come together!