Friday Inspiration : Clever Pantry Ideas

Yikes was this week jam-packed, or what? We want to share all of our fun projects with you in hopes to help inspire you to #loveyourhouseforless. First off, we did an install visit at our eclectic modern kitchen projects, hunted for amazing vintage pendant lights for another client kitchen project (light and bright modern craftsman) as well as did a design presentation for the coolest 4-story loft overlooking the river and downtown. If this doesn’t keep you busy, we don’t know what will! Thanks for following along.

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Inspiration : Kitchen Pendant Lighting

We've pulled together some of our favorite kitchen pendant lighting fixtures to inspire you and your kitchen. Why? Because the kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms, so not only is it important that this space is well lit from a functional standpoint, but light fixtures are a great way to bring YOUR personality to the space in a non-permanent and affordable way. Ready to up your lighting game?

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Inspiration : The Layered Rug Look

If your rug doesn’t go under your furniture feet and is narrower than your bed or couch, then you’re committing a major design sin! If you’re sitting there thinking “shtt, she’s talking to me!” then you better read this post. I’m about to help you up your rug game in a major way, and WITHOUT breaking the bank. Get ready for another #loveyourhouseforless tip, folks!

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Products we love : Vintage Rugs

We have a problem! We have 9 vintage rugs in our house and have to hold ourselves back from recommending them to EVERY ONE of our clients. (Is there an anonymous group for us?) But if we have this much love for vintage rugs, we figured you did too. Here’s a round up of some of our favorite vintage rugs that YOU CAN PURCHASE for yourself!

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