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OLLIE is a design company in St Paul, MN, serving clients nationwide. Kassina, owner + principal, gained attention for her extensive historic home transformation putting her Nordic Industrial with lots of layers and distress vibe on the map. Coming from an extended family who built dozens of their own homes, she was born with a hammer in hand and has a deep knowledge of how things are built. Her desire to make things exceptionally beautiful led her to pursue design and architecture. Her vast building knowledge pushes her designs forward as she’s not afraid to think big and can see something stunning in the worst of spaces. It’s her firm belief that the faucet we choose has everything to do with whether or not we vault the ceiling. This unique combination and background brings cohesion to a space and elevates her projects into works of art. Her designs are modern but lived in, sophisticated but approachable, and tell the inhabitant’s story with a combination of new and vintage materials in every space. If you desire a truly one-of-a-kind space filled with character, you’ve found the perfect partner.

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