Kitchen or bathroom remodel got you scared?

Don't worry. Remodeling doesn't have to suck and your designs don't have to be boring when you aren't growing money on trees. We promise. We've got your back. 


Why kitchens and baths? Because they're the pain points in a home and the rooms that sell (or doesn't sell) a house. That means they're the 2 most important rooms to get right and they're also the 2 rooms where people spend waaaaaaay too much when they don't have to.


We'll cover everything we do with our clients from start to finish!


Topics include: 

  • setting a budget
  • hiring the right folks
  • thinking of code requirements
  • materials
  • optimal layouts
  • putting the design together
  • and best of all, where to focus your money to make your budget stretch while ensuring your design is magazine-worthy (you know, our love your house for less tricks). 

This is for you if you,

  • Need some help making the design magazine-worthy but don't want to spend a ton of cash.
  • Think "remodeling always sucks, and I just can't deal with another project sucking." 
  • Have gone through a remodel before and don't want it to suck (a-hem, bullet #2)
  • Can't afford to work with us 1:1 or heck, just don't want to!
  • Want to refresh your space or totally gut it. We'll cover both ends of the spectrum! 

If you have a remodel (whether it be a quick refresh a total gut job or anything in between) we'd love to help you. Shoot us your name and email below and we'll be sure to keep you up to date! We're only a couple weeks away from being ready. Can't wait to help you love your house for less. xo, Kassina 

Don't worry, we won't spam you or sell your info to anyone!