Project and Company info for olliePop Design


Who is olliepopdesign...

We are a design and remodel company with a heavy focus on design. We have our own strong sense of style and like to try new things. We are 'trendy' but don't follow the latest trends (if that makes sense). Even if we flip houses, it’s never something cookie cutter, which I think will be pretty obvious when you see our designs. My name is Kassina Folstad, and I'm the owner/designer/GC. I have a really bold and layered aesthetic and people hire me for that. My personality fits my design aesthetic, I think. I’m fun, outgoing, sarcastic. I don’t take life too seriously. 

My family has built and/or renovated houses my entire life. 2 uncles, their sons, my parents. I grew up around building, learned how to do everything and know how to do a ton myself. One of my main carpenters is my cousin. I always focus on design as it’s my true passion. One of my college degrees is in advertising design then I went back to school for architecture. On some of our projects I’m the general contractor and designer, on others I’m just the designer, and then I have a few general contractors I work with. 

If there's one sentence about us it'd be that we're design-focused with a bold aesthetic, very entrepreneurial, and absurdly passionate. As we grow, I'm putting as much focus on our own projects as we can. Because then I get all the say in the design, and who doesn't want that (insert devil laugh). But also because I get bored and love thinking about the next big thing.

Here's what we're not: Generic flippers. DIY'ers who copy what designers are doing. If I see one more plumbing pipe shelf I'll scream. I beg everyone to step away from subway tile. 


Who is this Kassina gal, anyway?

Here are some slightly dated pics of yours truly. I threw in the fur hat nordic pic (I'm on the left) as a reminder that I live in the most beautiful state that is covered in snow many months of the year. 

Today - most days you'll find me in black jeans and a t-shirt. Half the time in a baseball cap, hair in a pony. Definitely makeup, but minimal. I played college hockey and still play with my husband and friends. I also love to run. Hate the gym. I'm definitely feminine but the last thing from high maintenance. I have a very obvious personal style (most of my house, outfits and even my car are black and caramel). I always find a more frugal way to do something so that I can maintain high design but on a budget. I apply this frugality to everything in life, including houses. Some think it's awesome. Sometimes I annoy myself.


Our Team

OUR TEAM - From left to right, TOP TO BOTTOM: 

Jesse - All-around help. Knows his way around all the tools/trades. Helps manage projects and is a great second hand with any of our subs. Tall. Typical MN "outdoorsy" hipster-esque guy. He'd likely be great on camera.

Dave - My cousin (on my mom's side) and one of my main carpenters. Knows everything. Dirty sense of humor. 

Holly - My cousin (on my dad's side) and Interior Designer. We definitely have good banter. She's my best friend. 

Noel - Husband. I didn't mention this on the call but he knows how to do everything. He doesn't help me with my business but for the right opportunity he could be an option. He did all the electrical, insulating, painting, hanging 1x8 boards on walls, etc. in our latest renovation. Cute. Lot's of tattoos. Amazing hair and beard. Very sweet. 

Let's get to the work already....

The work below is going to be a combo of finished and in-progress projects to show a bit more of the fun side of what we do. 


PROJECT 1: Mpls Flip House, #2ndstflip

This one was a ton of fun and you'll see I use these photos a lot throughout my site and Instagram.



Main Living Spaces:



PROJECT 2 + 3: St Paul Attic Master Suite and Kitchen - #berglinreno

Before photos, design plans and progress shots.

What's left: Final electrical, plumbing, a marble slab on the vanity shelf and some doors to hang. 



What's left to finish:

Final electrical and plumbing (lots of gold accents!).
Marble shelf above vanity.
Paint railing white.
Hang navy doors on closet (up-cycled Chinese restaurant doors that we're making into big sliders).
Final carpentry. 


Before and during photos below as well as a couple Sketchup renderings of the design plan.

We removed the soffits and opened up the wall between the kitchen and dining room, making sure to match the archway to the one between the dining and living room. We used a fun cement tile on the floor and have some amazing Vermont marble coming in for the countertops and a full slab backsplash behind the stove. And of course, gold accents (lights, faucet, pulls)!


As with the attic, we're a couple weeks from wrapping up. Cement floor tile is in as are the cabinets. Just need final trim, navy shelving, final electrical, plumbing and countertops. 


PROJECT 4: Kid Bath - #dermreno

As with the Berglin kitchen and attic master suite, we're a couple weeks away from professional photos. Kid bath just needs black accents from Schoolhouse Electric installed this week (pulls, towel loop, tp holder, towel hooks). Then a little staging and some pics!

We used cement floor tiles, a custom mint vanity, quartz countertops, a light grey grout on the subway tiled shower and then lots of texture brought in with towels, shower curtain etc. 

Before and during photos:


nearly-done photos


PROJECT 5: Office

We tore off the roof and 3.5 of the 4 walls so that we could frame in a deck that wrapped around 2 of the walls, flip the staircase around and do a vaulted ceiling. We used a mix of hardwoods that we had milled into flooring. Lightly sanded them then sealed with a vegetable oil blend. Hung an 8' tall factory door and put faux reclaimed beams above the windows as headers. The walls and ceiling are all 1x8 pine boards painted white. I need to get off my butt and take some better after shots. There are a few fairly good ones sprinkled in below.


PROJECT 6: Master Suite

Make sure to click into these blog posts because the transformation is awesome. We flipped the layout of the house so took a front entry, living room and hallway bath and turned them into a master suite. 

Master bath:

Master bedroom:


PROJECT 7: Living Room + Dining Room

The living room is below the office in Project 5. Like the office, we framed in a deck that wrapped around 2 of the sides of the house. In the main living area of the house we removed 7 walls so that we could have an open concept between the entry, kitchen, dining and living room. We added a wood-burning stove, a cement accent wall/floor area, the same white 1x8 pine walls and faux reclaimed wood headers above the windows. None of these are professional photos (yet!) so excuse the lighting.

Living Room:

Dining Room:


I threw a couple of the kitchen photos from this same space. The kitchen isn't done yet so I don't have a blog post up about it. We redid the roof so we could do a ridge beam vault and then took down 2 walls by putting in 3 big beams, one of which was a 14" steal guy that took 15+ friends and a couple lifts to get it inside and hoisted into place.