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From large-scale remodels to furniture zhooshing, the team at olliePop Design will help bring your space to life. We specialize in high-end design for less. We aren't your crafty DIY folks who can remodel a bathroom for $1000, but we never have clients with endless budgets either. We focus on 1-2 "wow factors" in each space, putting the effort, materials and quality where it matters. Will we suggest laminate kitchen cabinetry? Nope. But will we spray paint a light fixture to save $200 or nab some amazing vintage chairs from a thrift store? Absolutely. 

olliePop Design is a hybrid design and remodel firm. There are 3 ways we can help you on your project; design, design + recommend a few subs, design + run the entire thing from start to finish.  We have both local and e-design clients and offer our $200 Design Therapy sessions, which are a client favorite.


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From one-room interior design projects to full-scale home additions, we've got you covered and would love to hear from you


kitchen : #dermreno

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Make sure to visit the blog where we talk trends, must-have's and design tricks. And of course, check out some of our latest work, because after all, you're here to see if we'd be a good fit for your project, right? Why of course you are! 



see all the b4 + after pics


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Can I afford a designer?

You know what? We NEVER work with an endless budget. So if you're asking yourself if working with a designer vs hiring your own contractors is affordable, the answer is yes. Part of being a designer means you get tons of hook-ups from companies (hello, discounts!) that we pass on to our clients. So not only do you get a far cooler space in the end, but you don't break the bank. And because NONE of our clients come to us with money trees, we basically have a PhD in creating spaces that are both amazing, but also budget-friendly. You'll see some of these tricks discussed in our blog posts, so you better start reading. 



trends, must-have's and design tricks


Hiring someone to come into your home can be a daunting process. Read more about our process, and feel free to reach out with questions. We'd love to see your space and hear about your vision.