Kitchen or bathroom remodel got you scared?

Don't worry. Remodeling doesn't have to suck and your designs don't have to be boring when you aren't growing money on trees. We promise. We've got your back. 


We believe everyone deserves amazing design, so we packaged up all of our expertise and want to share it with you!


You're here because you want to love your house for less, aren't you? 

I just knew it! Well, you're in the right spot. We have a passion for coming up with designs that won't break the bank. It's in our blood. Sure, we can't renovate a kitchen for $5k, but it doesn't have to be $50k, either. We have lots of tricks that focus your money on the areas and materials that count to give you a wow factor without draining your wallet.

Whether you are in need of a designer or a team to fully renovate your space (or somewhere in between!), we can help. We can't wait to work with you.  

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Our Work

See before pics, learn all about our design plans and follow along until the final reveal! 



Design tips, DIY's and inspiration to help you love your house for less


But how do you make killer design affordable? 

We can't tell you ALL of our secrets, but we can tell you a big one (well, fine. two).

  1. Not everything manufactured that costs a lot is actually the best quality. We scour the world (literally) for products that are both high design and high quality. And honestly, sometimes you don't need everything to be the best quality, either. We focus your money where it counts. Will we suggest laminate kitchen cabinetry? H*ll to the no. Put your money there. But will we spray paint a light fixture to save $100. ALWAYS.

  2. Part of being a designer means you get tons of hook-ups from companies (hello, discounts!) that we pass on to our clients. So not only do you get a far cooler space in the end, but you don't break the bank. And because NONE of our clients come to us with money trees, we basically have a PhD in creating spaces that are both amazing, but also budget-friendly. You'll see some of these tricks discussed in our blog posts, so you better start reading. 


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Hiring someone to come into your home can be a daunting process. Read more about our process, and feel free to reach out with questions. We'd love to see your space and hear about your vision.